The idea for MTN Fitness Training developed out a passion for health and fitness. We realized that although most of us would rather be outdoors exploring, sometimes we need a gym or in-home workout to get our exercise needs met when we can't get outside. We are here to develop fitness plans for you that fit your lifestyle and inspire you to improve your body and your life.


Here at MTN Fitness Training we want everyone to experience what it feels like to appreciate physical activity and have the energy to enjoy life. We want you to have a sustainably active lifestyle and take care of your body-because it's the only one you will ever get!




 Christine Miller M.S. ACSM-CPT, is the owner of MTN Fitness Training. She's a personal trainer and scientist who believes that exercise is a crucial component to happiness and stability in life. She's found that sustainable health stems from appreciating the intrinsic benefits of wellness activites, such as more energy and improved sleep. When not working, you can find Christine downhill and backcountry skiing, mountain biking, running, at the gym, traveling, or cozied up with a good book.

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